From grading, paving and clearing land to creating and implementing water flow, retention and distribution systems, George Nice & Sons, Inc. has the equipment and expertise to complete simple construction jobs, complex, multi-faceted projects, and everything in between.

Commercial Site Development

  • Entrance street and parking lot construction
  • Building pad preparation
  • Site drainage and utility system management


  • Storm water detention/retention basins
  • Flood control facilities
  • Wetlands construction/rehabilitation


  • Roads and supporting infrastructure development
  • Water distribution and wastewater collection systems
  • Storm water collection systems
  • Water pumping and sewage lift station facilities

Roadway Construction

  • Highway and surface road support networks
  • Road rehabilitation and reconstruction


  • Water distribution systems
  • Waste water collection sewers, pumping stations and force mains
  • Storm water collection and disbursement systems